The little girl with character settled things with her father in a manly manner.

Character always manifests from the earliest childhood. Just look at this video; a tiny girl is already objecting to her father, and her voice clearly carries authoritative tones

! Even without knowing how to talk, the child is expressing her thoughts on attempts at disciplinary action in her own way.

Notice that the girl perceives not just the content of the speech directed at her, but the intonation with which it is spoken. See how much it irritates her when her dad raises his voice.

Despite the father talking to his daughter quite sternly, it doesn’t bother her at all—on the contrary, the more he gets upset, the more intensely the little girl opposes him.
In her own way, of course. The parents of this wonderful child need to draw just one conclusion—they are raising a true “iron lady” with an unyielding character and strength of will! Watch the video: [Video Link]

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