The little one smiles when Mom sings to her.This video will make me cry…i cant describe my feelings after seeing this video

Many will agree that a child’s innocence is something immensely precious and heartwarming. We all are born without prejudices, with love in our hearts and a sense of absolute wonder, and that’s why there are so many viral videos capturing cute and precious moments of what babies and little children do or say – the video below, filmed in Coimbra, Portugal, is no exception.

In it, you’ll see the most charming little baby comfortably sitting on their mother’s lap, placing their hand under their chin, as if to showcase their true charm and amazement. Then, the mother starts singing a well-known children’s song in Portuguese to her daughter, and the child’s eyes just light up, and a smile appears on their face.
We haven’t seen anything so beautiful, and the YouTube community sincerely agrees with comments like: “Mom and baby, the best love in the world” and “The child looked at the mom like, ‘Mom, do you know you’re the best mom in the world?’ and ‘Oh, the little hand under the chin, just adorable.'”
Not only did the joyful melody make the child smile, but also the kisses from her mother! During and after her angelic singing, she gives the baby a sweet kiss, making her smile even more! Now, if this isn’t pure love and adoration, I don’t know what it is! I think it’s a great way to bond with the baby. You spend time with your little one, introducing them to the art.
Children usually love music, and it’s great when it’s a song coming from mom or dad. Give this absolutely delightful video a watch, be sure to like it, and share the magical moment with your family and friends, especially with young moms in your life and those who love great feel-good videos.

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