The lovers delayed their marriage for 6 years: But everything changed with a surprise from the bride

A wedding is a very important event in the life of any couple, and of course you want it to be held at the highest level. Often, the future spouses even postpone the celebration in order to have time to “bring everything back to the ideal”. But what if the wait is too long?

This is exactly what happened to the heroine of our story, who decided to take the initiative into her own hands.
Nicole Arnett and her fiancé Daniel got engaged 6 years ago. The couple lived in a civil marriage, their little son was growing up.“Danny, you and I have been engaged for 6 years now”

All this time, Nicole and Daniel were going to get married, but the affair did not reach the solemn ceremony. Nicole decided to have a surprise wedding. On January 1, the “walrus swim” was to take place, in which the couple participated each year.”Then let’s get married!” »

Nicole made sure all family and friends were present that day.She herself prepared a small party in secret from her husband.Before swimming, Nicole stood in a bathrobe at the edge of the water, and Daniel filmed her on the phone.
What was his surprise when under his fiancée’s dress was a party dress!

Daniem even dropped his phone at the time.When the man finally realized what was happening, he was deeply touched.The couple’s son presented them with wedding rings and it all ended with the same “walrus swim.”But above all, the ceremony turned out to be very heartfelt and moving, and our heroes will certainly remember it for the rest of their lives!

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