The man left his wife immediately after giving birth: See who he just ran away with

Sometimes things happen in life that no soap opera writer could ever dream of. This is exactly what happened with the heroine of our true story.
Briton Jess Aldridge, 24, has been living with her common-law partner, Ryan Shelton, 29, for several years now. Jess believed she and Ryan were a happy couple, despite the youngsters not being officially married.

Nevertheless, their little one was growing up and soon Jess and Ryan were expecting the birth of a second heir. Shortly before the birth Jess’ mother and her husband Eric moved in young for a while. Eric wanted to help Ryan around the house to welcome a new family member. And Georgina was going to help her daughter at first, because she had a caesarean section, after which it would be difficult to manage all the affairs on her own.

However, even before the birth, Jess sensed something was wrong. It seemed to him that his mother was flirting with her spouse, and he didn’t seem to care too much. Jess tried to push such thoughts out of herself, blaming it all on the inherent impressionability of all pregnant women.
At the end of January, Jess’s youngest son, Jess, was born. She was sent home two days later.

Jess met Eric, who was darker than a cloud. When Jess asked where her mother and Ryan were, her stepfather answered very evasively. It wasn’t until he got home that he dared to reveal that Georgina and Ryan had simply run away together. After much deliberation, Jess finally decided to call her mother.

However, she did not feel guilty, saying only that it is impossible to choose who you fall in love with. Eric, with whom Georgina lived for more than 10 years, could not accept what had happened either. Nevertheless, the couple is still together and they even post joint photos on social networks.The young mother adds that she could not even think this would happen to her and it is unlikely that she will ever be able to forgive her mother for this.

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