The man spent 8 months in the basement, but he did it for the sake of the children. He built them a playground, and it turned out to be a masterpiece

The father of four, whose name is Jared, figured out how to turn the basement of his house into a playroom for kids, writes Metro. The fact is that the playground where his kids could play was too far away, but the young dad solved this problem. The man works as a mechanical engineer in production, so he definitely has no problems with a hammer, nails and various drawings.

So, Jared designed several two-story wooden houses connected by a bridge. The dimensions of the structures were ideal for small children and fit into the basement area, so there were no problems during construction. Having bought everything necessary, namely wooden boards and logs, he set to work.

For eight months, the man spent all his weekends building, turning the idea into reality. Naturally, he carefully concealed this surprise from the children, and in order to somehow avert suspicions, his wife told the kids that dad was away on business. By the way, according to Jared, while working, he himself felt like a child and was nostalgic for his childhood.

I always wanted to build cool wooden forts as a child. But I never managed to do it the way I imagined them. And now I’m a dad who loves woodworking, and I was finally able to create what I always wanted.

Jared managed to create a mini-fortress that almost every child dreams of in childhood. By the way, the man spent only 500 dollars (31 thousand rubles) on all the work, but the building looks clearly more expensive. Naturally, the children were simply delighted when dad showed what he had done for them in the basement of the house. And he himself is glad that he was able to realize his plan.

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