The man took five orphans from the orphanage at once and explained why. His act deserves the title of father of the year

Often children end up in shelters for reasons beyond their control. However, there are people who are ready to take responsibility and become foster parents. One of these is a single father from the United States, Robert Carter, who now boasts five wonderful kids: three sons and two daughters.

Initially, the man drew up documents for the adoption of boys: Robert Jr., Giovanni and Kionte, but later found out that the boys have sisters who also live in an orphanage. Carter was not at all embarrassed by this news, and he boldly decided to take custody of the girls as well.

The man was sure that it was impossible to separate people close to each other, because he himself knew what it was like.

Robert Carter’s mother struggled with alcoholism and could not support a family, so at an early age the man knew the taste of pain and loss.

My mother had nine children, but I didn’t even see my little brother. He was two years old when we were separated. We met when he was 16 years old. Therefore, I understand this feeling and I know that it is important for the guys to see each other and be close. When I first took custody of the boys, they kept talking about their sisters, ”admitted the single father.

For the sake of the children, the man bought real estate and equipped the house so that it could accommodate his new large family.

I am happy that everything is over and I became the father of these children. I will be their dad until the very end. They know that they will never have to fight the feeling of separation again, ”the man shared his emotions.

Netizens admired the act of Robert. Wow! It’s so cool. What a wonderful man and father. Having such a wonderful father is a real blessing for these children. Congratulations and best wishes to this family.

It would seem that even complete families can hardly cope with raising one child, but Carter, being a single father, set a new bar and proved that nothing is impossible. The example of a man shows that home is not always where you were born. Home is where you are expected.

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