The model married a guy whose mother called the prince. But the girl did not know – this is not flattery, but a real title

The American met a guy and was going to marry him, not paying attention to the fact that the mother of the future spouse calls her son a prince. However, such words turned out to be not at all a demonstration of great love for the child, but his official title. And the girl herself eventually became the princess of Nigeria, without even dreaming about it.

Nigerian Princess Keisha Omilana, known to the world as a model and wife of Prince Kunle Omilan, told Insider about the secret that her husband kept from her almost until the wedding.

The girl was born in Inglewood, California, and has been building a modeling career since her teenage years. She was educated as a designer in Chicago and then moved to New York where she began to look for opportunities to take part in the casting of models, but found her future destiny.

In 2009, Keisha was leaving a New York hotel and ran into an unfamiliar man at the entrance.

I felt someone’s presence, looked up and saw a handsome man right in front of me. No one just stands in New York like that, everyone is going somewhere, in a hurry, and he was standing, – said Keisha.

The man approached her and immediately admitted that he liked Omilana.

He came up to me and said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Would you honor me with your phone number?”

However, Keisha refused him, arguing her answer by the fact that she does not give out a personal number to strangers. She went about her business, and when she returned to the hotel again, the man was still standing at the entrance with a phone in his hands, as if waiting for her to return.

The guy was good. He spoke correctly, looked pleasant and was not intrusive. I thought I should give him my number and see what happens.

The man said his name was Kunle and he was originally from Nigeria. He and Keisha started dating, and their relationship lasted for two whole years, when suddenly in 2011 Kunle wanted to introduce the girl to his family, explaining that, according to Nigerian traditions, this means engagement.

As soon as the girl saw Kunle’s mother, she called her “my princess”, and him – “my prince”. The girl had heard before how the future mother-in-law addressed her son in this way on the phone, but she thought that this was just a manifestation of love, so she did not attach any importance to the fact that the woman called the princess and her.

I remember meeting his mother, she was very friendly. She hugged me and immediately called me her daughter, said: “You are my princess.” When you hear the word “princess” … Well, all mothers call their daughters that.

However, in reality, everything turned out differently. The mother-in-law began to tell her daughter-in-law about her family – the ruling house of Arigbabuovo from Nigeria, and, as if she was not saying anything unusual, intermittently inserted remarks that Kunle was a Nigerian prince.

For Keisha, this was a real shock, because for two years of relationship with her future husband, she had no idea about his origin, and he himself never even hinted at it.

I just looked at him and said, “You can’t just forget to say something like that!”

A couple of months after the family meeting, Kunle and Keisha got married, but the girl did not abandon her modeling career and achieved great heights – she began working with L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl and Pantene. True, modeling popularity has come not to a simple girl from California, but to Princess Keisha Omilana.

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