The most beautiful twins are already 12 years old: How they live now

Jackie Clements is a rather attractive woman herself, and her husband is also a very presentable man. Such parents should have beautiful children, which happened – the little ones are admired by the whole world.

Seeing the beauty of her girls, mom decided to share this fact with the whole world. The girls were actively photographed and published pictures on social networks. Modeling agencies liked them, and invitations to various projects began. The little ones have an older brother, and the mother did not have time to take care of the house and care of all three children and at the same time manage the career of little photo models.

But she did not have a chance to run around photographers and agencies. At the age of 7, the children themselves became famous – thanks to the pictures in their social media feed, attention was riveted to them immediately. The very next day calls and letters with business proposals began.

Everything was brilliant, but a misfortune happened in the family. Dad fell ill, and was in rehabilitation, he needed a bone marrow transplant. The girls decided to ask their fans for help. They threw a cry on the Internet and began to look for a donor. There were many volunteers, it was necessary to pass tests for the similarity of genes. Everything went well, dad was cured, and this was a great merit of his daughters.

But then their brother started having problems. At 10 months, the baby had muscle atrophy, a violation in the spinal cord. It was curable, but the treatment cost a million dollars. Therefore, in 2020, Leah and Ava again raised money to save a relative. And they were successful.

Now the girls are actively acting as models, they have begun to produce their own branded swimsuits and nail polishes. They are very active and open, and you begin to believe that such girls will not deteriorate under the influence of fame and fortune. They are already 12 years old, and they do almost all their publications on social networks for the sake of advertising. Dad, mom and brother are sometimes filmed with them, and the whole family is very beautiful.

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