The mother doesn’t give rules to her children: “I prefer them to do and express themselves as they want.”whay does she want to do all this

Every parent chooses how to raise their children. While most follow some basic rules that many agree on and consider essential for a child’s growth—such as teaching good manners, not raising their voice in public, respecting others, avoiding swearing, having a set bedtime, and so on—some parents take a different approach. One such mother is Luana Ribeira, a 41-year-old woman from Wales, known for her unconventional parenting choices.

Luana, mother to Seren, Electra, and Celyn, aged 12, 13, and 1 respectively, rejects the idea of imposing strict rules on her children. She allows them the freedom to behave as they wish, eliminating set bedtimes and not admonishing them for using colorful language or swearing, especially during playtime or other activities.
Luana believes that making children too obedient is restrictive and might hinder their growth. According to her, allowing children the freedom to express themselves, even with strong language, helps shape adults with open minds, liberated from many social constraints.

Despite criticism from some who view her parenting decisions as unconventional, Luana remains unbothered, expressing that she doesn’t care what people think. She emphasizes the importance of caring about the underlying intention behind the words rather than focusing on the words themselves. Luana values their emotional well-being over strict adherence to social norms.
She clarified that her children are not allowed to be vulgar in certain situations, such as in front of others or at school. Luana believes in fostering an environment where her children can express themselves without fear of making mistakes, allowing them to make their own choices and learn from the consequences.

This parenting approach, inspired by Luana’s own childhood experiences, raises questions about whether it is the right way to raise a child or if more “traditional” systems still have merit. What are your thoughts on this?

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