The mother gave birth to twins, but from the hospital, she only took one of them. Six years later, something unexpected happened that no one could anticipate.

Yesterday, Enola gave birth to two beautiful twin daughters, identical as two peas in a pod. The baby girls were healthy, so there was no need to keep them in the hospital for long, and they were scheduled to be discharged the next day. However, as it turned out, the mother of the twins only wanted to take one of them home with her. The hospital staff advised against separating the twins, but she insisted on her decision.

“Why do I need both of them? I was only prepared for one. I bought only one crib, and I can’t handle two. I’ll take just one,” she said firmly. The hospital staff was shocked that a mother could be so heartless and agreed to let her leave with one of the babies. She named the baby she took home. The other baby girl remained at the hospital.

Years passed, and the girls grew up. By the time they were six years old, they still had no knowledge of each other’s existence. Both of them had been adopted separately due to a fortunate accident, each into different families. You might be surprised not by the fact that the second girl was adopted but by the fact that she was given the same name—Alevita.

They happened to meet in the hospital corridor one day. They didn’t understand what was happening at first, but they started touching each other, thinking so intensely that their thoughts seemed to sparkle in their minds. “Alya?” Both of them smiled. “Alya,” the other replied, as if confirming that it was her name. They played together all night and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The hospital staff, too, were astonished when they realized what had happened, reuniting the twins. Fate had finally brought them back together. When their parents arrived, the adoptive mother of one of the girls initially intended to take her daughter back, but the girl began to cry, so the mother decided to let them continue playing together. As for the biological mother, she looked at the daughter she had abandoned years ago without any visible emotion on her face and said, “Well, she’s alive, and it’s clear they love each other.”

The adoptive mother took the girl from the hospital, not wanting the sisters to form too strong a bond. The other Alevtina felt even worse because her sister was taken away from her for the second time. She developed a fever, stared at the door, and kept asking, “Where’s my Alya?” Eventually, the girl recovered, but she promised herself that she would find her sister.

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