The mother-heroine gave birth to triplets and questioned biology. She did it so she was one in a million

Englishwoman Melanie Bassett could not believe her ears when she heard that there were three children in her womb at once. At first glance, nothing special, but everything is not so simple.

The fact is that a woman has a special structure of the reproductive system – Melanie has two wombs, which means two wombs. This defect did not prevent the Englishwoman from becoming a mother of many children but still has its own risks: for example, an anomaly increases the likelihood of miscarriage or premature birth.

Melanie had already been pregnant twice with her first two children, and the whole process from conception to the birth of the babies went smoothly. But the last birth surprised not only the Englishwoman herself but also the medical staff.

Three babies grew up in Melanie’s wombs at once: two twins and their triplets – a brother
It turned out that in one womb the woman was carrying identical twins, and in the other – her third child. According to experts, the case of Melanie is unique, because in all of England, there are only four such cases. And twins in a common womb (with a similar defect) is a chance that falls to only one mother in a million.

When we were told about the situation, we almost lost our minds. Ben [husband] was one of four children in his family, and I was one of three, but I could not have imagined that we ourselves would have a large family,” Melanie admitted.

The third child in the second womb was not immediately discovered, and this was a real surprise for future parents. Although Melanie still had worries about a successful birth, the process itself, fortunately for the Englishwoman and her entire family, was successful.

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