The mother of 3 children found out about a new pregnancy a couple of hours before the birth

The news that Stephanie Jaegers (Georgia, USA) didn’t even know she was pregnant until she gave birth to her baby seems unbelievable. Well, if it were her first birth, but the woman already has three (!) children. No wonder there were suggestions on the network that the baby was introduced into the body of a woman by aliens, in order to later take him to their ship.

However, jokes are jokes, but I still want to learn more about this unique case.
It all started with the fact that 37-year-old Stephanie had a stomach ache in the morning. Without thinking twice, the woman got on the Internet and found all the signs of urolithiasis. She conscientiously drank all the recommended medicines, but instead of relief, she felt even worse.

Toward evening, Stephanie decided that most likely she had a stone coming out and she could not do without a doctor. And at 22-15 she and her husband Michael went to the hospital. But what was the surprise of the woman when, after the examination, the doctor said: “This is not a kidney stone, this is a child who will be born very soon.”

“It just can’t be. First, I don’t have a stomach. Second, I’m on my period right now. Thirdly, I have already been pregnant three times and know all the symptoms. Well, and fourthly, my husband and I carefully protected ourselves.
However, Stephanie was sent for an ultrasound, which showed she was about to go into labor. And indeed, already at 3-50 a tiny boy was born, who was named Sean.

As soon as she recovered from her shock, Stephanie remembered that she hadn’t been very careful in recent months. She often went with the children to the amusement park and rode the most puzzling rides and did not follow the diet. In addition, not so long ago, a woman broke her ankle and had to undergo x-rays several times. Did this affect the child’s condition?

But the doctors assured the young parents that their fears were in vain and baby Sean was absolutely healthy.
The second question that tormented Stephanie was how she, an experienced mother, was able to “miss” the pregnancy. True, recently she had a feeling of heaviness in her stomach and appeared overweight, but the woman attributed this to her good appetite.

And, most importantly, a year ago, doctors warned Stephanie that she was going to have all the signs of premenopause, which means there would never be children. As soon as it hit the Internet, the story of Stephanie Jaegers instantly became viral and gained a lot of comments. Many users congratulated her and Michael on the safe birth of their son.

But there are also many readers who do not believe in the veracity of this story and write rather skeptical reviews:“Well, okay, the stomach didn’t grow, menstruation went on – it happens. But how did she not feel the stirring and pushing of the child?

“I don’t understand how you can’t hear that a baby is growing inside you”. “I would rather believe in aliens than that she knew nothing about the pregnancy”.”This woman just had to hide the fact that she was pregnant for some reason, that’s all.” And in your opinion, is it possible to find out about pregnancy right before childbirth?

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