The mother of three newborn children could not distinguish them from each other

26-year-old Katie Crow from England became the mother of a unique triplets. The fact is that all three boys were born from the same egg, and this phenomenon is extremely rare – one case in 200 million pregnancies. As a rule, triplets are born from two eggs. Two children are exactly the same, and the third is different from them.

Katy already had a 4-year-old son, Jacob, and she got pregnant for the second time naturally, without IVF and any stimulation. At week 12, during a routine screening, the doctor discovered that instead of one fetus, the girl develops as many as three, and even so unique. Katie was shocked by the news, as was her husband Rob. The couple began to worry about how they could raise so many children at once.

Despite multiple pregnancy, the pregnancy proceeded normally. Every two weeks, the doctors did an ultrasound, watching the development of the babies. At 26 weeks, doctors discovered that one fetus had stopped growing and Crowe was prescribed steroids.

The planned delivery was supposed to happen at 32 weeks, but Katie went into labor 14 days early. An urgent caesarean section was performed, as a result of which three healthy boys were born. Tommy was the lightest at 1.23kg, Eddie weighed 1.46kg and Joshua weighed 1.49kg.

The babies were copies of each other, it was impossible to tell them apart. Parents at first did not even take off the name tags in order to somehow distinguish between their sons. Almost two months later, the twins were discharged from the hospital, and Tommy lay 10 days longer than his brothers. Finally, the whole family was at home, it was such happiness for them.

Neighbors decided to support parents with many children. They bought a lot of packs of diapers and other baby supplies, brought them in and left them all on their doorstep.Now Katie admits that she has become the happiest mother on the planet, but when she first found out about the triplets, she was very worried about this and even cried.
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