The neighbor scolded the family for the unkempt plot:Wanted to shame, but caused a series of amazing events in their lives

Mother of many children Randa Ragland from Alabama is going through a real black streak in her life. In October, it turned out that one of her four kids, three-year-old Jaxen, who had previously been diagnosed with autism, cancer – the fourth stage of neuroblastoma, tells ABC. The disease attacks the bones of the child, and since last fall, the baby has been in the hospital 20 times and has undergone seven operations due to the disease.

Due to Jaxen’s illness, his father had to take a vacation at his own expense, and later he completely lost his position. Randa does not work, so the family also has problems with income. It is not surprising that in such circumstances, the Raglands simply do not care about the condition of their lawn. But the woman did not even imagine that the unkempt plot could annoy one of the neighbors so much that he (or she) would write an angry letter to her family in early August.

In an angry message, an unknown person said that other neighbors suffer because of the Ragland family, because an untidy lawn allegedly scares off potential property buyers.

Neighbor. Please, acquire a sense of dignity and level the area next to your house. Your ugliness is bad for the sale of OUR houses. Who wants to buy a house next to yours and watch it every day? It’s not that hard, all you have to do is fucking want. Do your best!

Randa told CBS 42 that she was a little angry at first about the letter. However, the woman simply did not have the strength to be angry with the author, because her life was already full of negativity. Then Ragland decided to use the unpleasant message for good. She posted a photo of him on Facebook, talking about her problems in life and urging people to treat each other with compassion and understanding.

I’m just trying to show everyone and everyone that you don’t know what’s going on in another person’s life. <…> Try to be kind to your neighbors and the strangers you let into your life. Say hello to them. Just be kinder. It’s incredible how things like this can change a person,” Randa turned to her friends.

The amazing events that happened next, the American did not expect. The publication was noticed by her neighbor Kimberly Quick and decided that Ragland deserved better treatment. The woman created a Facebook group dedicated to Jaxen and called on other residents of the quarter to help the family. The next day, a lawn mower company came to Randa’s house and leveled the lawn for her free of charge.

But mowing the lawn was not enough to rid the site of unnecessary greenery. So the neighbors organized themselves into a group and a whole detachment came to the Raglands to cut the bushes. You can see how it was in the video below.

Moreover, the volunteers began to clean Randa’s house. And someone attended to the purchase of school items for the woman’s children. And all this despite the fact that Randa did not know many of the compassionate neighbors.

I’m impressed. I’m still in shock. I have a small family. My mother passed away, my father is no more, my brother is no more. So it means a lot to me,” Ragland admitted.

In her recent post on the Jaxen group, Kimberly revealed that she and her neighbors are planning to help the Raglands move to another house because the family’s belongings were repeatedly damaged in this cottage due to leaks in the basement. Quick also assured that she and other compassionate residents intend to take care of Rand, her wife and her children in the future. In the meantime, the woman posted a list of goods needed by the family: backpacks for children, groceries for kids for breakfast, laundry detergent, and so on.

In addition, the story with the note had a positive impact on the crowdfunding campaign in favor of Jaxen, launched by Randa back in October. In just one day, people have donated more than a thousand dollars, and the money continues to come.

It literally helped restore our family’s faith in humanity, because when you go through something like this, people act vile and evil. You know, it just makes you feel down. It makes you feel like you are alone in the world. But to see that so many people come to the rescue and help my family is incredible, Randa described her feelings.

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