The nurse has married the same man 24 times and has no intention of stopping. Not everyone can understand the reason

The woman played a wedding with one man 24 times but does not plan to stop there. The nurse wants to marry her husband 26 more times, and for this, she has a special reason that only the most romantic people will understand.

While some are surprised by a woman who married 10 times to different men, Leah Trager from California famously breaks her records by marrying the same man for the 24th time. Leah met her husband George Humphrey in 1996 with friends.

Soon they became a couple, and after only six months they decided to get married. They planned a wedding in a year in their city surrounded by family and friends in the city of San Diego, California, but could not wait so long for the appointed date, writes Comic Sands.

Then the couple decided to arrange a romantic escape and left for the city of Carson City in Nevada, where they got married in a courthouse on July 12, 1997.

We couldn’t wait to get married, and running away seemed like a wild and romantic idea, so we got married in Nevada,” recalls Leah.

Back in California, the newlyweds never found the right moment to tell their friends and family that they had run away and got married, so they set about organizing a second wedding. Exactly one year after the first time, they got married for the second time – on July 11, 1998, in the backyard of the bride’s sister’s house in front of 70 guests.

After the second wedding, the couple came up with another crazy idea.

After we had two marriage licenses, we thought, “Well, we have two certificates from two different states. Let’s get them all – one from each of the 50 states, ”the woman says.

Since then, they have covered thousands of miles and spent about 50 thousand dollars (3.8 million rubles) on remarriages – every year on their anniversary and each time in a new state.

George and I are always newlyweds, but that doesn’t mean we just ignore marriage and relationships. On the contrary, we think about them every year. When we say our vows, we reflect on relationships and where we are right now. This is how we celebrate our wedding anniversary – go and get married again.

Every time a woman puts on a new dress. At a wedding in North Dakota, she tried on her mother’s wedding dress, and in California, her grandmother’s. She bought other dresses before the celebration itself and never spent more than $ 200 on them.

The weddings themselves were really inexpensive, but if you include the cost of travel and hotels, we probably spent about $50,000, Leah muses.

In 2015, after their 19th wedding, Leah and George decided to create themed wedding ceremonies. One of the most memorable was the celebration in the style of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee – the hometown of the king of rock and roll.

In 2020, they opted for a retro 1970s look in Newton, Iowa, with George wearing a blue suit and Leah wearing a prom-style dress. They research places in advance to incorporate a piece of local history and culture into their look and oath.

We like different weddings for different reasons. Our second wedding in San Diego was our biggest and most special because we spent it at home with friends and family. The next favorite was a wedding in Pennsylvania. There are no restrictions in this state, and you can literally marry yourself, which we really liked,” says Leah.

Twenty-four weddings later, Leah and George have said yes in the most incredible places, from a cemetery in Georgia and a beach in Florida to an Alaska glacier and a national forest in Wisconsin, where they had a kid goat as a ring holder. It is a pity that the couple will not get married in Australia, where a kangaroo can play the same role.

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