The old man wanted to find his father: But he despaired early – soon he managed to learn much more

David Sutherland decided to find his biological father over ten years ago. The man was born in 1943 and spent his childhood in an orphanage, where immediately after his birth his mother brought him during the war. Ten years later, she returned for him, but she refused to tell him about her father throughout her life.

However, his own children offered him to continue the search. Three years ago, the family bought David a DNA test, which revealed a match with another man – his father. However, he passed away in 1999.

Disappointed, David traveled to his grave in Scotland, 400 miles away, expecting to die himself without getting any answers about himself or his roots.

True, after the story of David became known, there were new relatives, the existence of which he did not even suspect. After reading an article about a man, his niece reached out to him and helped provide more information about his family tree. According to her, it turned out to be very unexpected – to meet a new relative.

It was a complete surprise, but a pleasant one. I really felt sorry for David because he found his father too late. Although he managed to find his grave, this could be the end of his story, and he would not be able to find out more. I was glad that I was able to contact him, tell him a little more and help fill in some of the gaps, – said the niece.

The girl also added that she was thinking of meeting a man in the spring, after the restrictions . David himself admitted that it took him time to realize everything that was happening.

All the years that my family and I spent just trying to find the name of one person … And now I have a half-brother, sister and niece. We think it couldn’t get any better,” Sutherland said.

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