The oldest supermodel in the world:The 93-year-old woman amazed the world

The British woman was born in 1929, and started working when there was no talk of parameters 90/60/90. Girls with a height of 168 cm and feminine forms were considered ideal beauties, so Daphne was a real star, advertising fashionable clothes, furs and even breakfast cereals.

Self became a fashion model in the early 50s, winning a local beauty contest. The jury was attracted by her proud posture and plasticity. And then it all ended: the girl got married, left her profession, and gave birth to three children.

Years passed, the children grew up, and the husband died. Daphne had financial difficulties. Once, when she was already over 60, she managed to take part in a television program dedicated to the first models. For her age, the woman looked just fine, her portrait was published in one of the glossy magazines. And there were proposals to return to the previous work.

Now Daphne is already 93 years old, but she continues to appear for Vogue and other publications. The price of one photo session exceeds $1,500. A healthy diet, an active lifestyle, a positive attitude towards life and yoga classes help to maintain the beauty and vigor of the age model.

Let’s wish the model long life and health so she can continue her career in this sphere.

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