The owners came to the shelter and found their stolen dog there

Once, volunteers from the Louisiana Humane Society (USA) found a black and white dog near the office. He was tied to the fence and looked confused. People unhooked him from the fence and took him to a shelter.

Because of the spotted color of the dog, they decided to name the “Cow”. “He was very scared and growled at the sight of new people,” says volunteer Nene Lewis. “Only when they gave him treats and talked to him did the dog calm down a bit.” Time passed, and the dog gradually got used to a new life.

In two months, he became noticeably friendlier, more sociable, and volunteers began to look for his family. And only in March they found out that he had had it all this time!

As it turned out, a few months ago the dog was stolen from the family. Somehow, the dog ended up on the street, from where the volunteers took him to the shelter. All this time, the owners did not despair and continued to look for a pet. And recently they finally reunited! The cow was so excited when he saw his family, the shelter staff say. “He was jumping on the walls, and his tail was wagging in a way that we have never seen!” Now the dog is back at home with his family.

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