The pregnant doctor postponed her birthgiving to help another woman

A gynecologist from Frankfort, Kentucky was about to give birth herself when she received an unexpected call to help her with the delivery of another lady.

A typical day in the life of an obstetrician or gynecologist Helping Amanda Hess step into the light of her new life is an important part of this story. Even at the time of her own childbirth, the lady could not help but help others to become mothers; she rushed to the aid of another pregnant woman, as was her doctor’s job.

Of course, I love my job very much. Doctor Hess said: “I love caring for mothers and newborns, and certainly many doctors are constantly thinking of their patients, even when they are patients themselves.

The patient, identified only as Leah Holliday Johnson, gave birth that day, prompting a loud cry. The hospital staff told her that her doctor had just returned from a short vacation. Hess, however, argues that by then it was too late to postpone Johnson’s delivery and that she gave birth to him herself.

Hess explains that he went to his room, where he “just put on another bathrobe to cover my back and extra shoes to avoid splashing water.”

Hess said once Johnson laid eyes on her, things improved dramatically.

There was a lovely, healthy girl brought into the world with the unexpected help of a doctor who happened to be pregnant. Hess, meanwhile, had already given birth to her daughter, whom she named Ellen Joyce, and helped the patient.

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