The pregnant woman thought she was expecting twins: The giant baby was born

LaQuina’s first trip to the ultrasound was a real surprise for her. Before that, all the friends and relatives of the woman had no doubt that she was pregnant with twins. The expectant mother herself even suspected triplets, her belly grew so much.

Doctors, however, argued otherwise. According to experts, the woman was supposed to give birth to a single baby. LaQuina and her husband thought the doctors were wrong. But childbirth proved them right!

Little Adonis was born on the sixth of December. The whole hospital ran to look at the huge baby.

Even the most experienced of the professionals there had not encountered such a case before. The surprise of the doctors was quite justified because at birth the boy’s weight was 6.5 kilograms!

When the nurse first showed the child’s mother, she almost lost consciousness from the influx of feelings. But LaQuina’s surprise passed quickly.

The woman was impatiently waiting for her son to be discharged from the intensive care unit. Fortunately, Adonis was allowed to go home with his mother 27 days after the birth. Now the butuz feels great and continues to grow.

Today, at first glance, this boy can be mistaken for a one-year-old baby, but he was only a month old. For a mother accustomed to the size of a child, the main thing, however, is that he is healthy. A woman simply does not have a soul in her little giant and believes: a great future awaits her son!

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