The premature twins are already 24 years old: How they look

The Jacksons were looking forward to the birth of their children. Expectant mother Heidi felt great, and her husband Paul foresaw every desire. A couple would live and be happy, but fate decreed otherwise. Heidi got to the maternity hospital three months ahead of schedule.

How did the woman who gave birth to premature twins feel? Babies were born much ahead of schedule (12 weeks). Brielle and Kairi – as the sisters were called – weighed very little. Kairi did not reach 1 kilogram, and her sister – even less.

Little Brielle experienced problems with the respiratory system, suffered from heart failure and could not gain weight. The matter worsened on November 12, when the baby was supposed to die. The skin turned gray, breathing quickened, and convulsions constantly ran through the small body. Then the nurse intervened. The woman did something that had not been practiced before in America.

An employee of the medical center put little Kairi in Brielle’s incubator, such things have long been practiced in European countries. A special bond was established between the twins, the nurse believed that Kairi could help poor Brielle.

A plain carpet can be made with a beautiful and bright accent: follow the instructions Spouse of Anton Makarsky Told how she witnessed the Easter miracle Far Eastern delicacies the Fukushima sewage drain field: is it worth eating them Later, the picture will fly around the whole world, and then – in 1995 – the joy was that the baby quickly went on the mend.

The method worked, later it was officially introduced in American maternity hospitals. Many years have passed since then. The twins have grown up, know the history of their birth and are very friendly. There is a close relationship between the sisters, the girls physically feel each other’s ailments and try to help.

These charming ladies grew up from small, premature twins. The case when a real miracle came to the aid of medicine, saving the life of little Brielle.

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