The robbers thought the grandmother was an easy prey. However, the cunning grandmother showed everyone who was in charge.

Some people in blue uniforms knocked on Grandma Tanya’s door. “Grandma, open up. We’re from the gas company, checking if residents have a gas detection device,” they said.

“What’s the point?” Grandma Tanya asked. “It’s for timely detection in case of a gas leak. If you don’t have one, you might face a hefty fine, equivalent to three of your salaries.”

“But I don’t have anything…”

“Grandma, then you have one option. We can install it for you right now. It’ll cost as much as the fine, but now you’ll be safe.”

“Come in, young people,” Grandma Tanya said, letting them in and locking the door behind them.

“Alright, now you’re caught,” the first one said. “What does all this mean, grandma? Bring the money quickly.”

“Oh, sweetie, don’t you see how many cameras I have here? They not only record video but also capture sound.”

“Oh, indeed, there are cameras around… but why?”

“My son figured it out, installed them. He’s a captain, so he watches over you. You can say hi to him; he hears everything and can call the police anytime.”

“Grandma, maybe we can… settle this somehow?”

“Then go fix my toilet, light bulb, and I’ll find more tasks for you.”

So, the people in uniforms worked at Grandma Tanya’s for about three hours. When they finished all the household tasks, they bowed to the camera and hastily left her apartment. In the evening, Grandma Tanya’s granddaughter returned home.

“Why are you sitting so content, Grandma Tanya? Did something happen?” she asked.

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