The sad cat was afraid even to look at people, because she no longer believed that luck would smile at her

A downtrodden cat with a sad look hid its eyes from passers-by. This story took place in Australia, in the city of Perth. A sad and confused cat, which was afraid of people and constantly hid from them, was picked up on a city street. So she ended up in a local shelter called Cat Haven.

The cat was named Simba. Shelter staff noticed that she always hides her eyes when a person approaches her, and looked dejected. After a medical examination, it turned out that the cat was absolutely healthy. Also, a special device was found around her neck, by which the owners can track their pets. But the workers of the shelter were delighted early, they did not manage to get in touch with the owners of the cat.

Ignoring on the part of the owners, the hands of the volunteers were untied, and they began to look for a house for Simba to overexposure.She took the cat to her for a while alone and volunteers. At first, the cat was afraid of everything, including people. But as soon as she realized that she would not be offended here, she changed beyond recognition.

The cat, in the truest sense of the word, gave love to people. She began to purr and ask the temporary owners for tenderness. The care that came from people completely changed the cat.

Everyone was sure that the cat would now be loved. And soon Simbe found a family. One couple realized at first sight that Simba was their pet. It is wonderful that the cat has found a loving and real family.

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