The seller from the supermarket lost 82 kg in just a year, turned into a beauty and became a model!

Kathy Garner has been a curmudgeon all her adult life. At school, classmates made fun of her, and she was very shy about her appearance. In adolescence, the size of her clothes was already 3XL. Her complexes were about the same scale.

Kathy never changed for gym class in the same locker room as the other girls. She did it in a secluded corner. Until 2016, Cathy and proper nutrition were two incompatible concepts. She ate convenience foods, ready-made pizzas, fast food.

The girl admitted that once she could not remember the taste of certain vegetables and fruits simply because they had not been in her diet for many years. In 2015, Katie’s grandfather died due to the fact that his obesity caused health problems. A few years earlier, her grandmother had lost her sight due to diabetes, which also developed as a result of being overweight.

Looking back at someone else’s experience, Cathy realized that something had to be done. No, she, of course, had tried to “lose weight” before, but her attempts ended in nothing. And then she took on herself with all seriousness. Katie became a member of the weight loss community.

Already after 1 year and 1 month, she threw off half of her original weight. Unexpectedly for the girl, she received a call from a modeling agency and was offered to cooperate with them. Katie has changed beyond recognition! It’s hard to say that the old plump has something to do with her!

You can safely take an example from this girl. She is living proof that the impossible is possible! The main thing is to set a goal for yourself and systematically move towards its achievement!

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