The sick baby was already disconnected from the life support system, but a miracle happened

Two years ago, a miracle happened in the family of Kerry and Harold Askin, which they did not even dare to dream of. Their one year old son named Dylan woke up after 6 months of coma. The kid came to his senses at the moment when his life support systems were turned off. This incident happened on Good Friday and it can be safely called
genuine magic.

Baby Dylan first fell ill in the winter of 2015. The family was just celebrating Christmas when Dylan’s tragedy struck. The boy suddenly began to choke and his parents immediately took him to the hospital. The diagnosis was disappointing – Dylan suffered from a rare lung disease – Langerhans cell histiciosis. This is when multiple cysts appear in the lungs, which lead to collapse.

During treatment, Dylan caught pneumonia. “His condition deteriorated sharply, he fell into a coma…” recalls the boy’s mother Kerry. Assessing the chances of little Dylan, the doctors began to prepare his parents for the worst. The child did not come out of a coma for almost 6 months and the doctors suggested euthanasia – turning off life support systems. Desperate Kerry and Harold agreed.

The doctors said they would do euthanasia before Easter. The child’s condition worsened, so the parents christened the baby and brought his older brother Logan to him. The family had to say goodbye and let little Dylan go. “I was horrified by what was happening. I couldn’t sleep, I cried all the time. We did not leave Dylan – we talked with him, sang, read fairy tales, ”Kerry recalls.

In the evening, doctors began to gradually turn off life support systems. When all the machines were turned off, one of the doctors yelled “Wait! He started breathing! Surprised doctors realized that the baby was still fighting for his life.“The ground went out from under my feet when he opened his eyes. Although I am not particularly religious, I believe that a real miracle happened to my son, ”said the boy’s mother.

After this magical incident, Dylan’s condition improved every day. The kid fully recovered from the illness and in the summer of 2016 he was discharged from the clinic. He returned home to the closest people who had been waiting for him for so long.Is it necessary to say how happy the boy’s parents were? And how, having learned this story, not to believe in miracles?

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