The sister gave birth to a son and left him with their grandmother, then she also expressed claims regarding his upbringing.

I raised my younger sister, Rita, alongside my mother due to a significant age difference.

When Rita married, her focus shifted entirely to her spouse, leaving my mother and me somewhat sidelined. Despite initial offense, we grew accustomed to it. Rita’s pregnancy brought joy, but as the baby grew, she increasingly delegated childcare to my mother, prioritizing her husband and work.
Despite working myself, the main burden fell on our mother. Rita justified this by claiming our mother was a natural teacher. When Sasha, the baby, got sick, Rita left him with our mother until he recovered. Frustrated, I questioned the purpose of having a child if she wouldn’t be involved.
When Sasha started school, Rita resisted enrolling him in kindergarten, insisting our mother was the best caretaker. Sasha’s academic performance suffered, leading to a confrontation where I expressed my frustration with Rita’s neglectful parenting.

I hope she reflects on her responsibilities and actions.

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