The son found his biological mother and was very sorry. Acquaintance revealed a secret that he did not want to know

A resident of England, who decided not to give his name, knew from childhood that he did not grow up with biological parents. His mother placed him in an adoption agency as soon as he was born in 1960. So the first meeting of the two took place only 30 years later, when the son was finally able to find his mother.

During the first three years of the narrator’s life, he was adopted twice. The first time when he was a few months old: these foster parents abandoned him, and until the age of three the boy had to live in an orphanage. The second time was successful his adoptive parents left him. I wanted to know if they are like me. I wanted to know if they were as creative as I was and if we had similar abilities for anything. I wanted to know what we have in common,” he said.

With these thoughts, at the age of 16, the narrator decided not to turn to a DNA test that would reveal a 46-year-old family secret or give two unexpected discoveries at once, but to go to the English charity Barnardo’s, which helps children.

There he tried to find out more about his parents, but the family in which he lived did not take this news well, so the guy was left with nothing. Being a minor, he could not become a participant in the program without special permission from his adoptive parents.

The hero made his next attempt when he was 30 years old. Only this time he had to do his own research on databases and telephone directories. In the end, he found his mother Mary and contacted her.

Fortunately for him, the woman was delighted, and soon both had already made an appointment in person. However, the acquaintance turned out to be not at all what the narrator had hoped for. The acquaintance of mother and son took place in a cafe.

It was there that the man began to notice alarming bells in the behavior of the woman sitting in front of him.

I asked questions [about her past], and she responded with vague, incoherent stories that made me ask more and more questions. She was hiding key information, and the longer I spent time with her, the more frustrated I became,” he admitted.

When the narrator nevertheless managed to get the interlocutor to talk, he learned that she had given her child up for adoption even before him. And she made the decision about the fate of the youngest offspring five months before his birth, which greatly injured the man.

Nevertheless, the relatives began to keep in touch, and a few days later the son went to visit Mary, who lived with her husband (not the father of the hero) and her three other children. However, the more he talked with the parent and her family, the worse he got from these relationships. The man was strained by the behavior of his mother, who rejoiced too brightly next to him and almost never left him alone. Mary’s pressure began to frighten the narrator, so he began to distance himself from the newly-made relatives, but they did not want to let him go.

Moreover, Mary’s husband even threatened the hero with a beating if he stopped communicating with his mother. The last straw was the man’s conversation with his half-brother James, who stunned him with an unexpected confession.

As it turned out, Mary and her family expected that the hero was rich and would help them take care of their mother for the rest of his life. The family sincerely believed that he would take care of all the care of the woman, who, according to the narrator, quite possibly had mental problems.

The man could not stand such a revelation and cut off all contact with Mary and the others so that they could not find him. After 30 years, he still does not regret his decision. He is upset that he once had high hopes for meeting his mother.

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