The son, who did not invite his poor father to the wedding, was shocked when the host announced a toast from the bride’s father.

Anatoly grew up in a modest family. His parents went to great lengths to ensure their only heir lacked nothing. Only God knows how difficult it was for Pavel Anatolyevich to provide for his son’s education

. Despite the challenges faced by the elderly couple, Pavel and Elizaveta raised a smart and ambitious young man. Shortly after graduating from university, Anatoly left his parents’ nest, moving from the countryside to the capital. Tolya quickly found a prestigious job and even found a partner. Masha turned out to be a modest girl, despite the wealth of her parents, which legends were told about at the university. After receiving a promotion at work, Tolya proposed to his chosen one. “She said ‘yes,’ can you imagine, dad?” Toly couldn’t contain his excitement. “So, Dad, is it time to take the suit out of the closet? Oh, how long he waited for his moment, Tolenka,” exclaimed Pavel Anatolyevich on the other end of the line. ”

Dad, here’s the thing… In short, we decided to gather in a small circle, spend time somewhere with friends, and then go our separate ways. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to Masha after the wedding,” reassured Tolya his disappointed father.

Putting down the phone, Anatoly breathed a sigh of relief. Tolya genuinely loved his father but didn’t want to find himself in an awkward situation because of a parent who knew nothing about Michelin-star restaurants, had never been abroad, and couldn’t engage in a conversation about cryptocurrency. The long-awaited and exciting day had come. Anatoly was surprised when the toastmaster announced a toast from the bride’s parent. Sergey Ashotovich led Tolya’s father into the hall, supporting the modest and reserved man by the elbow. “I am proud to introduce to you my new relative, who sacrificed his health and youth working in the mines, so that his son would never experience deprivation.”

“Parents are sacred, Tolya. Cherish your father; you only have one,” summed up Tolya’s father-in-law, shaking hands with Tolya’s father, who stood in the middle of the tables in an old-fashioned suit with patches on the elbows.

Anatoly burst into tears, embracing his aging parent tightly. “Tolya, we decided to surprise you. Don’t be mad at the old man,” smiled Tolya’s father. Sergey Ashotovich patted Tolya on the shoulder knowingly. “I’ve already made arrangements with the guys for repairs; our grandchildren will be visiting grandpa’s summer house in the summer,” exclaimed Sergey Ashotovich, moving towards the neighboring table.

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