The story of a 9-year-old girl who became famous for her luxurious hair

Mia Aflalo lives in Tel Aviv. More than 100 thousand people have subscribed to the social network of a 9-year-old girl. And all thanks to her gorgeous hair, which the network learned about four years ago. Mia’s stylist posted a picture of the girl, which instantly spread across the Internet.

Then she was five years old, so photography and hours in the stylist’s chair were entertainment for her. Despite her age, Miya behaved very professionally. This was noted by Sagi Dahari, a hair stylist who constantly did her styling. Mia is by nature a very positive and smiling child, and with this she bribed everyone on the set.

The girl surprised subscribers with unusual hairstyles, and simply with her natural beauty. Thick hair, round green eyes and neat features could make her a successful model.

The more people subscribed to Mia’s account, the stronger was the confrontation between the two points of view. The first was that the girl looks very charming, resembles a princess and generally pleases the eye, and this is happiness.

“You are a real angel!”
“You look like Princess Jasmine.”
“Now I don’t love myself anymore, because a 5-year-old child has more hair on his head than I have on my whole body.”
The latter found only minuses in the popularity of the girl. They said that parents deprive the baby of childhood and all this will only harm her.

“Let her be a child, play and get dirty, not be used as a personal doll!”
“What a ridiculous trick in relation to a child. If I had a daughter, I would never let them look like that.”

The last photo of Mia was posted online in 2021. It is not known whether the parents listened to the negative comments and gave the child childhood, or, on the contrary, they got tired of moralizing on the network and decided to step back.

But Mia has a lot of potential. Now she is nine years old, she already has experience in photography and a crowd of fans, which means she has every chance to build a successful career as a model or blogger too. Who knows, maybe soon we will see new pictures of the already matured Mia Aflalo.

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