The story of a woman who gave birth to 2 identical sets of twins 7 years apart

They gave birth to four twins with different skin colors, and no one believes that the children are really relatives. What do the daughters of a couple look like, where the husband is swarthy and the wife is light.

The first pair of twins was born to a British family in 2001. One girl was with dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes, the second was fair, with blond hair and blue eyes. It seemed that children from different parents were accidentally placed in the same nursery. Doctors were surprised by the twins, because such a chance falls only once in 500 thousand.

This happens when two separate eggs are fertilized by different sperm. Each one has its own set of genes. And ordinary twins are the result of the fertilization of one egg, which is then divided into several embryos.

As the girls grew older, the most difficult thing for the family was to prove that they were twins. Many took them for best friends, but not for sisters.

“We were like celebrities as kids. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us and asked us what it was like to be twins, but different. For us it was ok. It’s like having a best friend. People just don’t believe we’re twins – then we tell them to google our names.”

Seven years later, the couple had another pair of twin girls. And this time they were completely different again. This case has already become one in a million. Therefore, the committee of the Guinness Book of Records became interested in the family. The children were recognized as the world’s only two pairs of twins in the same family with different skin tones.

The older daughters always spend time together, they are almost inseparable. The girls confirm that they have a special bond that is often attributed to twins.

“We say the same thing at the same time and finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes I know exactly what she’s thinking. But we are different – Haley loves makeup, and I like video games and vloggers. She doesn’t like it.”
The older sisters have not yet found boyfriends for themselves, but they do not worry about this. Girls have different tastes, so they are sure that they will definitely not quarrel over men.

Hailey and Lauren are now 20, while their sisters Leah and Mia are 13. The younger ones are also inseparable and always support each other. There is a very close relationship between them. They learned from their elders how to properly perceive themselves and their appearance, how to answer stupid questions from strangers.

The main thing is that the difference in appearance does not interfere with the friendship of the twins and does not spoil their relationship. They feel special and that makes them happy.

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