The story of parents of 5 children who lost 95 kg for two after a remark from their son

Nerissa and Chris Stewart got married in 2014. They have always been an active couple, but after the wedding they began to gain weight. In addition, Nerissa gave birth to four children over the years of marriage, which also affected her figure. By 2019, Chris weighed 142 kilograms, and his wife – 111.

The couple went to extreme measures and turned to bariatric surgery – weight loss procedures through surgery. In 2019, the couple underwent surgery. Four months later, the first noticeable results appeared, and a year later the couple lost 95 kg. Chris weighed 91, and Nerissa – 67.

Along with the change in weight, the lifestyle of the spouses also changed. They became more active, began to spend more time with children and changed the food system. The couple no longer snacked on french fries or ordered pizza for dinner.

The family switched to protein shakes, fish, fruits and vegetables. These changes refreshed the relationship of the spouses, and in 2021 their fifth child was born.

People learned about the story of Nerissa and Chris thanks to social networks. The couple released a prank video on Tik Tok, which gained 1.5 million views. Nerissa made a slideshow of her photographs from different years and signed:

“For the past three years, I have allowed my husband to date other women…”
Many laughed, and some admitted that they almost bought into the joke.

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