The student passed the exam during childbirth, but this is not an accident. She just had a plan and she stuck to it

Kiara Darbisher from Worthing, England is 20 years old and most recently became a mother under very unusual circumstances.

Kiara is a Brighton Met college student studying theater and media, and when she discovered she was pregnant, she immediately informed her student advisor.

She supported me a lot, she was very kind, and we discussed with her how I would take all my exams.

Classmates and teachers also treated the situation that Kiara got into with understanding.

I continued to study as much as I could, my form was getting bigger. Everyone in college understood me. They helped me if I needed anything and talked to me if I was worried.

About two weeks before her due date, Kiara discovered that the baby was not moving. The student urgently went to the hospital, and there she was offered to induce labor so that the baby would be born as soon as possible.

Only three days after that, the girl had to take the exam. But Kiara decided that one is not a hindrance to the other at all. She agreed to induction of labor and soon went into labor.

I thought it was easier to take an exam during labor than to do it afterward with a screaming baby. Therefore, I did so.

On the day of the exam, the girl used a TENS machine, a device that reduces pain during childbirth with the help of electrical stimulation. True, the teacher was clearly surprised to see that her student was in full swing.

I told her that technically my contractions had been going on for a couple of days, and she was just taken aback. She said that if I feel bad and need to leave, then I can just leave the class.

But Kiara decided to stand her ground. She sat in class for an hour and a half and turned in her written work. Immediately after that, the student hurried to the hospital, and a couple of hours later her daughter Poppy was born. Around the same time, Kiara was informed that she had passed the test.

But the most unexpected twist in this story is that Poppy is not Kiara’s first child at all. The girl lives with her boyfriend Sam Tarrant and four-year-old son Hugo.

The young lady gave birth to her eldest child at the age of 16 – and it was then that she learned to endure pain, while doing important things. At that time, Kiara needed to pass the final exam in geography, and she did it, although she felt that she was slowly going into labor. Hugo was born a few days later.

Now Kiara has already received a certificate of completion of courses with honors but has not yet decided what she is going to do in the future.

Next year Hugo will already be going to school, so I need to be near him and help him, well, we’ll see.

At Brighton Met’s annual ceremony to celebrate student achievement, Kiara received the “Dedication to Learning” award – and no wonder. This is what a spokesperson for the school said:

It was an important moment this year. He showed from the outside how the college works. Our students are the main thing we work for.

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