The teacher proposed to the bride, and the students helped him. And after such a lady could not refuse

Jared Kaufman, 30, has been dating his girlfriend, Chelsea Darchuk, for quite some time now. Young people work together in the same school and teach primary school lessons, so common interests made their union as strong and happy as possible. Everything went to the fact that one day the guy would still propose to his beloved, so she was looking forward to when this day would come. However, time passed, and the lady did not hear the cherished phrase.

One day, Jared suggested that his fiancee go somewhere for the weekend, but the girl did not want to leave the house for a long time, because she had a lot of work to do. Chelsea suggested that he not go far, but organize a one-day trip in order to return by the evening. With this statement, she upset the groom, because the young man, apparently, wanted to propose to her in a romantic place, but his plans were ruined. However, Mr. Kaufman did not lose his head but came up with a better idea.

The next day, Chelsea came to school for work and received a message from the principal, in which he asked her to urgently come into the office to help him with one matter. Naturally, the girl immediately dropped everything and went to the head. However, it was only a clever ploy, because Jared was already in class at that time and preparing for the most important step in his life.

As you already understood, the young man decided to propose to his bride, and Chelsea’s colleagues and children helped him in this. And, judging by the reaction of the future wife, at first she did not understand what was happening at all.

But then everything fell into place. She realized why so many people had gathered in the classroom when Jared knelt in front of her and held out the ring. And the children who stood behind me deserve special attention. In their hands were posters with words that together formed the sentence “Will you marry me?”

Of course, after such a sweet and charming proposal, the happy lady simply could not help but accept it. The girl agreed to become the wife of her boyfriend, and the people around did not hold back their emotions.

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