The three-year-old said: soon mom will give birth to two. A year later, the woman looked at her life and could not believe her eyes

Englishwoman Samantha Lubanzu and her 38-year-old husband Louis tried for 10 years to conceive a child, but for a long time to no avail. Nevertheless, thanks to modern technology, they managed to become the parents of four-year-old Eliana and two-year-old Luis Jr., but as it turned out, two were not the limit for the couple.

In November 2019, then three-year-old Eliyana approached her mother and unexpectedly shocked her with the news:

You’ve got a boy and a girl in your belly, mommy.

Samantha did not attach any importance to her daughter’s words, although after five weeks she began to experience constant fatigue and nausea. With these symptoms, the woman went to the doctor, from whom she suddenly found out: she was really pregnant.

According to Lubanzu, she was truly stunned by the news, but the miracles were just beginning. A few weeks later, when Samantha and Luis went to the ultrasound, another surprise awaited them, but not the middle finger from the unborn child.

The study showed that the parents would have twins, just as their daughter had predicted.

However, later it turned out that not all of Eliana’s prophecies were accurate. The girl promised her mother that she would give birth on July 10, but fate decreed otherwise. Unexpectedly for everyone, and especially for an aspiring four-year-old fortune teller, Samantha gave birth to twins a few weeks earlier – in April, almost in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Eliyana did not have to be completely disappointed in her abilities – after all, she was right that her mother had a boy and a girl in her stomach, who were eventually named Levi and Amelia, respectively.

I was amazed at how accurate Eliyana was in her predictions. When I asked her how she knew all this, she simply replied that God told her everything, ”Samantha admitted.

Despite the fact that the twins were born prematurely and spent the first two months of their lives in the hospital, they are now healthy and live with their parents and older brother and sister. Their stamina might impress another baby who was born the size of a superhero action figure and then became one himself.

Samantha and Louis themselves took the incident as a real double miracle. Their daughter’s abilities, which turned out to be more accurate than any pregnancy test, and the birth of twins, which made them parents of four children, as they dreamed, came as a shock to them, but in the best possible way.

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