The touching video of a German Shepherd snuggling in the arms of its new owner has touched millions of internet users.

The moment when a shelter dog meets its new home is very touching. However, when it’s the dog welcoming new companions into its life, it leads to an even more heartwarming scene. This is what Dahlia, a German Shepherd, and her current owners experienced, captured, and shared on social media.

A video posted on TikTok, showcasing the heartwarming encounter between the dog and her new owner, garnered tens of millions of views. The life-changing moment it reveals is truly miraculous. The story was reported by Newsweek. Eric Liu visited a shelter with his partner to meet the dog they were going to adopt.

This dog named Dahlia is a German Shepherd. The couple had the brilliant idea of filming the meeting because the dog’s reaction to Eric Liu’s girlfriend was simply incredible. They all wagged their tails simultaneously, distinctly showing the joy and happiness she felt at that moment.

In a later video, we get a glimpse into the dog’s new life with her owner and their other dog, Zeus, also a German Shepherd. “Honestly, I didn’t expect this video to get so many views,” he said about it, inviting others to follow suit: “Go out, find the dog of your heart, and live your beautiful life.”

He also provided an update on Dahlia: “She’s doing very well. She knows a few commands and tricks. She’s a sweetheart.”

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