The transformation of two cousins ​​led to requests for a make-up ban

At all ages, women, and not only, tried to hide flaws in their appearance. And makeup is a fairly old invention, which has always served a kind of unification and adjustment to general standards of beauty. And there were always stories and anecdotes about “insidious” beauties that attracted men into their networks who were unaware that their chosen ones looked completely different after washing.

But the era of social networks and the rise of the beauty industry have led to the fact that the problem of such deception no longer arises with fans, but with the models themselves. The popularity of filters that automatically correct appearance has prompted psychologists to sound the alarm.

On the one hand, their use reinforces unrealistic standards of beauty, and induces apathy in those who look in a real mirror.Second, the bloggers themselves who use such apps become addicted to their ideal image.Norway and Great Britain have already limited at the legislative level the use of digital technologies for photo and video processing.

At the societal level, the body-positive movement opposes the race to improve one’s appearance. But makeup artists working in real life are always free to demonstrate their professionalism. Images and videos of miraculous transformations continue to go viral, leaving users indifferent, which sometimes spark long verbal skirmishes.

Cousins ​​Rey and Rosalind managed to stand out in a stream of hundreds of thousands of similar experiences.First, two seemingly unhealthy and unattractive older women appear in front of the audience, and then they transform into incredibly charming glamorous beauties. There are many similar experiences in social networks, but cousins ​​have affected a strong half of humanity.

They have received a lot of comments about the foul play of women who are ready for any deception, just to lasso a man.Proponents of exposing fake divas have even demanded a total ban on makeup. The wittiest part of the audience focused on the trolling discussion.

Many noted that the sisters were transformed not just “after” but “before” as well, and makeup was used in both cases.At the start, they skilfully disfigured each other in order to make a more effective contrast in the finale.

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