The twins were the same in everything, but decided to deceive the genetics. Now you can’t recognize them, but still you can’t distinguish them

Shannon and Olivia Wilson are 26-year-old twins from the English city of Brighouse, who are like two drops of water from birth. It’s not just about one appearance for two – both girls have a similar lifestyle and habits that, until recently, could not be called healthy. Since childhood, girls have been accustomed to secretly eat chocolate, hiding from their parents. They spent all their pocket money in the ice cream truck and candy stores.

As soon as we got pocket money, I spent it on treats. After school, I always went to the ice cream truck, and then I bought some more sweets – cookies and chocolate. I used to even put sweets in a bag so that I could sneak past my mother when I returned home, Shannon recalls.

In adulthood, ice cream trucks have been replaced by takeaways. The girls loved breakfasts at McDonald’s, lunches with sandwiches at Subway, and ended the day with pizza. All this led to being overweight, and Olivia was the first to notice this.

Because of the extra pounds, the girl had back problems. Olivia was in great pain and couldn’t even bend down to put on her shoes. She was soon diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spaces in her spine that caused chronic pain.

In 2019, the girl underwent surgery to relieve pressure on her spine. Then she realized that she needed to make serious lifestyle changes if she wanted to get rid of the pain. Then the girl went on a strict diet, refusing takeaway food in favor of healthy food and daily workouts. Soon Shannon began to notice changes in her sister.

I saw how Olivia lost weight after the operation, and I realized that it was time for me to make some changes. The first time I stepped on the scale, I cried all night. I denied my size for so long, and it hurt me a lot,” Shannon says. During the lockdown, the sisters decided to start living together and were able to come up with a general plan for proper nutrition and training. They did not deny themselves delicacies, but simply replaced them with more healthy products and smaller portions.

In a little less than two years, the girls radically changed not only their appearance, but also their lifestyle. Olivia managed to lose 61.6 kilograms, and Shannon – 54.8 kilograms. According to Shannon, friends and loved ones are amazed by their change. People are surprised when they see us now. They tell us that we look amazing and that the difference from us in the past inspires them. We are immensely proud of each other, and both of us have become much happier. I don’t think I could have done anything without my sister,” Shannon says.

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