The two dogs and the cat welcomed the newborn baby girl with open arms and showed affection towards her.

The birth of a child is a joyful and eagerly awaited moment for the family. In this particular family, not only the parents but also their pets, two Malamutes named Niko and Phil, and a cat named Milo, were looking forward to the baby’s arrival.


Throughout Emma’s pregnancy, the dogs and the cat took care of her and showed a lot of attention. It was evident that they understood something extraordinary was happening and expressed their impatience. However, the expectant mother was slightly worried about how the pets would react to the new baby.


At the hospital, the baby’s father showed the animals a blanket in which the baby was wrapped, and they curiously sniffed it. This continued for two days until the Malamutes got used to the new scent.

On the day of the introduction, the furry companions elegantly settled on the couch, knowing that the awaited meeting was about to happen.


First, they called Phil, the oldest and wisest among them. He approached and sniffed the newborn, and soon his face lit up with a smile.

He gently reached out to the baby with his paws, full of delight, but getting too close to the little one was a bit risky. Then, Niko also came to sniff the baby, and happily laid down next to her.


The most amusing reaction came from Milo, who looked at the sleeping Mia with disdain, wagged his tail, and demonstrated puzzlement, wondering why there was such a commotion in the house. Then the jealous cat got upset and left.

After a few days, Phil became the most caring nanny for the little girl, and Niko joined in, understanding that she was now a full-fledged member of the family. Milo gradually calmed down, realizing that Mia was a welcomed addition to their home.

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