The two-year-old dancer captivated the audience and judges with an incredible level of skill.

But instead of performing the song in the original style of the band, Josh surprised everyone with his own special version.
He deeply misses his best friend who is in heaven, and he’s envious of not being able to be with him to share good times. Josh lives with his mother, who is his biggest fan. Watching the video, it’s evident that she is very emotional and couldn’t be prouder of her talented son.

In fact, he was so overwhelmed that he could barely speak at the end. Simon Cowell has always had a reputation for being very critical and serious on television, making him a great judge for this kind of show. But with this performance, you get to see the more emotional side of Simon, which surely took many by surprise.

It struck me that he couldn’t even give his feedback at the end of the song; it touched him so deeply that he couldn’t help but break down, something unimaginable for Simon Cowell. But like everyone else,

he’s a person and can become emotional just like anyone else. I hope you enjoy Josh’s performance in the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

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