The two-year-old fell from the balcony of the 13th floor, but miraculously survived. The kid was lucky, because his neighbor turned out to be a ninja

Children know how to surprise their parents. For example, some children can give odds to fortune-tellers from TV, because they predict the future no worse than they do. However, there are times when children’s eccentricities go too far. A toddler from the Chinese district of Hefei almost lost his life while playing on the balcony of an apartment.

The father briefly went outside while his two-year-old son was fast asleep, but later regretted it. A curious child woke up and decided to explore the balcony. A dangerous undertaking almost ended in tragedy – the baby fell off the 13th floor.

Miraculously, a married couple living on the floor below saw the boy and took responsible measures: the man grabbed the child by the hand with lightning speed and tied him to the window bars with a belt, while the woman called rescuers.

Help arrived in time and rescued the child from the trap. Rescuers had to saw through a metal bar barrier so that the child could safely climb into a neighbor’s apartment.

To ensure that the child would not be hurt, the neighbor wrapped the baby in a belt and tied it tightly to steel bars.
Where does the hero-neighbor get such a quick reaction from?

As it turned out, in the past the man was a forest firefighter, so the desire to help and, most importantly, ninja skills are in his blood.

The next time, the carefree parent of the boy will definitely once again think about whether it is worth leaving the son at home all alone.

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