The unexpected but long waited twins : Woman gave birth to twins without even realizing she’s pregnant

For 25 years, Anna and her husband tried to have a baby, but to no avail. Happiness came to them when they no longer dared to hope. Anna has not had her period for a year now. The woman suffered from excess weight, so she did not even realize that she had confused menopause with pregnancy.

One morning, Anna had a severe stomach ache. So much so that I had to call an ambulance. After examining the woman, the doctor decided to take her to the hospital. To say she was shocked is an understatement. It turned out that she was pregnant, and the child had already begun to be born.

After these words, the heroine began to become hysterical. After all, she had already come to terms with the fact that she would never have children. The expectant mother begged the doctor to stop joking and help her.

The doctor was also confused. It wasn’t every day that he had to give birth to a woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant. Be that as it may, it was urgent to take delivery. The heroine was sent to the delivery room, where she gave birth to a healthy boy a few minutes later. And five minutes later the second child appeared – a wonderful girl.

Anna was in a state of shock all this time. She obeyed the doctors, but they worried about her. After all, just an hour ago, the woman had no idea about her situation. And now she is already a mother of two.

Half an hour after the birth, the mother came to her senses. She asked the doctors to show her newborn babies. Seeing the babies, she burst into tears of happiness. The heroine’s husband, who had been in the emergency room all this time, also could not hold back his tears. Finally, his and his wife’s prayers were heard! Many years after the wedding, they became happy parents of two babies at once.

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