The unusual friendship: 2-year- old boy makes friends with wild monkeys

It is said that friendship between wild animals and humans is impossible. But the boy from India proved otherwise. Meet Samart Bangari. The baby just turned 2 years old. With his extended family, he lives in the northern state of Karnataka in India. Samarth would be an ordinary child who does not attract much attention if it were not for his friendship with langurs.

Langurs are a wild species of monkeys. They prefer to stay away from people, so you can rarely meet them in the zoo. But the boy from India clearly attracted the attention of the pack. Since then, the monkeys and Samart have become inseparable.

The meeting of the boy with the langurs took place six months ago. The baby’s dad recalls: “Samart, as usual, walked in the yard and ate a tortilla. Seeing the monkeys, he decided to treat them, and you know, they made contact.”
It is noteworthy that the monkeys visit the boy every day, even if he is sleeping, they wake him up with joy. And then you can watch how they have fun playing in the yard.

Langurs in India are considered sacred animals, so the villagers do not drive them out of their yards. It is worth noting that langurs rarely find contact with people, so the Samarth story attracted the attention of not only local residents, but also tourists. Many people call Samart the modern Mowgli: he not only plays with monkeys, but, according to locals, he communicates in their language. But the baby still can not talk.

Rumors spread around the village that Samart is a special child, because animals feel such people and show increased interest in them. Following the example of Samarta and other children of the village, they tried to make friends with the monkeys, but they did not succeed. Animals immediately began to behave aggressively, not accepting anyone in their company.

Perhaps the phenomenon of such love of monkeys for a boy lies in the cakes with which the baby feeds the monkeys every day? But be that as it may, this case deserves attention, because not every day you meet children who, as if nothing had happened, play with monkeys in the yard.

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