The wife left her husband to look after the child, but it was a test. The father did not know that it was not his son in his arms

The Scott family from the United States is another popular prankster couple in which husband and wife take turns playing weird and funny pranks on each other and on others. In early November, another viral video of the Scotts, published on October 13, began to circulate on social networks.

The video begins with Christy Scott complaining to subscribers that her husband Desmond is so addicted to video games that he does not notice what is happening around him at all. The girl decided to prove to her husband that these were not her inventions, and came up with the appropriate prank.

For her prank, Scott bought a realistic baby doll, not at all like her and Desmond’s little son Westin.

However, when Christie dressed the doll in the things of her baby, the similarities increased.

Ready, Christie carried the fake baby into the room where her husband was playing.

Honey, can you watch over Westin for a little while?

Desmond was so passionate about the game that he obediently accepted the baby, not looking up from the gamepad and screen.

According to the blogger, two hours passed, and her husband did not notice what was the catch. Finally, Christy decided to turn his attention to the baby.

Honey, are you okay? Look at your son.

Just at that moment, Desmond looked at the child in his arms, surprised and began to laugh.

As a result, the unfortunate father throws the doll onto the sofa with these words:

What, are you serious? Whose child is this?

The prank video on TikTok has already amassed over a million views, and Christie has uploaded the full version to YouTube.Even for those people who do not like pranks, this video seemed cute, harmless and very funny.

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