The woman broke off the engagement and arranged a wedding with herself. And because of that, she will now remarry

Nicole Russo from Boston is 38 years old and got married in the fall of 2019. But before that, the woman was already married to herself.

Back in 2011, Nicole met Paulo. Then the woman just quit her job – she was an engineer – and started her own business. In a brand new office, an American met a janitor from Brazil.

The two did not even speak each other’s languages, but despite this, a relationship soon began between them.

He is from Brazil and at first knew only a few phrases in English, but we constantly looked at each other and said hello. At first, I didn’t even think that he liked me until one day I looked into his eyes. And we just fell in love.

Nicole and Paulo soon started dating.

The guy learned English, and in 2013 he proposed to his beloved. The wedding was scheduled for February 2015. The couple booked the venue for the ceremony, Nicole bought the dress of her dreams. But she began to have doubts.

I began to wonder if we were really ready for this step. I have trust issues, I was worried that we both perceive marriage differently.

As a result, in June 2014, Nicole canceled the wedding with a heavy heart. After that, the American asked herself: why did she herself never love herself as much as her ex-fiance?

Nicole decided to build a relationship with herself, began to search for information on the Internet, and learned about sologamy or marriage with herself. Gradually she learned to love and respect herself. Finally, deciding that she had made peace with herself, the woman planned her own single wedding for October 2014. The day before, she arranged a bachelorette party, inviting close friends to it.

I told about what was happening only to some friends, those who would understand me. I think they thought I was crazy, but they saw how hard it was for me and decided to support me.

Nicole spent the day of her wedding alone. She decorated the place of the ceremony with her photographs, flowers and magazine clippings.

I married myself at home, not in some pretty dress, but in a nice comfortable nightgown. I chose a ring for myself, swore an oath in front of a mirror, and lit the candles. And then I ate the wedding cake.

Becoming a newlywed, the woman felt real self-confidence. She began dating men again, but with no one could feel the same spark that came from communicating with Paulo.

In October 2017, Nicole met a man on the Internet and flew to go on a date with him in Kansas City. But it turned out that the stranger was not at all who he claimed to be. The frustrated woman returned home shocked. She began to think about her past and realized that Paulo made her truly happy.

It was like a moment in a romantic movie where a character sees a flashback montage with someone and realizes they’re in love.

Nicole resumed communication with Paulo. They saw each other several times until they decided to start dating again in March 2018. And in October 2018, the couple got engaged again.

The wedding date was set for October 12, 2019, a few days after Nicole’s fifth wedding anniversary to herself. On this day, a woman usually celebrates by pampering herself at the spa or buying herself something special, “decadent”.

And now Nicole is sure: all this was not in vain. Sologamy taught her to love herself, laying the foundation for a strong relationship and a happy future with Paulo.

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