The woman broke time and began to look younger at 47 than at 31. Looking at the photo, it’s hard to guess where she is older

The woman broke time and decided to look younger at 47 than at 31. Looking at the photo, it’s hard to guess where she is younger

The bodybuilder decided to defy genetics and repeated the story of Benjamin Button with her lifestyle. At 47, a woman looks much younger than more than 15 years ago. At the same time, she shares the secrets of youth with other women who strive to look only better every day.

Alicia Shorot from the Canadian city of Ontario is 47 years old. She has been overweight since childhood and struggled with eating disorders during her teenage years.

However, her consciousness changed only when she was 26 years old. During those years, her father passed away from complications related to diabetes. Then the woman decided that she did not want to repeat his tragic ending, and took up a healthy lifestyle. Just like three brothers who not only managed to lose weight, but also became rich.

I went to the gym when I was 26 after my father passed away. I realized that I should focus on my health and fitness, which have been in decline since I was 20 years old, Alicia said.

Until the age of 30, all her classes were aimed at loving training and making it an integral part of life. Soon the woman realized that in her mature years she feels much better than in her youth.

I am so proud that today, at 47, I feel and look my best. I am strong and full of energy. I also feel that my healthy lifestyle slows down aging,” Alicia admitted.

Now Alicia trains five times a week, lifts weights, and also includes high-intensity cardio training in her regimen. She even earned four professional cards in the international fitness organization UFE, ahead of women half her age.

The woman is especially proud of the fact that she can be a positive example for women over 40 years old. She strives to show that age doesn’t matter and anything is possible, and shares tips on how to look younger at 40. Her secret is exercise and a balanced diet, but Shorot’s list of secrets is much shorter than that of a girl who looks like a teenager at 39 .

Sometimes the main mistake is that people do some kind of resistance training but don’t focus and lift enough to get results. Proper resistance training is the key! Also, we should look at food as medicine. We need to focus on the nutrients that build muscle,” the bodybuilder explained.

According to Alicia, she also tries not to overdo cardio on the treadmill.

Instead of a session on the treadmill, a short HIIT (high intensity interval training) session or even a 40-minute walk is sufficient.

According to the bodybuilder, it is important to understand that the body, depending on age, may react differently to certain workouts, as well as food, and this must be taken into account.

Our bodies react differently to exercise and food. What worked in our 20s doesn’t work anymore.

Her Instagram fans are stunned by the time-defying looks. Many even compare Alicia to a superheroine.

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