The woman gave birth to a child and after 97 days to her twin brother

At first glance, what is surprising in this photo is that happy mom and dad are holding ordinary twins in their arms. But, it turns out, not quite ordinary! Because these little sisters were born in one of the hospitals in Cologne with a difference of  97 days. Moreover (and this is the most interesting!) the eldest Liana was born in 2018, and the youngest Leoni – already in 2019.

Oksana, the mother of twins, began premature birth on November 17, 2018, when she was only 26 weeks pregnant. Fortunately, a newborn girl weighing about 900 grams was saved. And yet the baby was so tiny that she still did not know how to breathe on her own and ate only through a tube. Therefore, she was immediately placed in a special ward for premature babies.

In the meantime, both Oksana and the doctors began to wait for the second twin to be born. And don’t wait! Because suddenly the cervix of the woman in labor closed and the contractions stopped. And the second child remained in the womb.

And indeed, after 97 days, on February 22, 2019 (only 4 days later than the due date), the second round of childbirth took place and another girl was born. True, unlike her older sister, her weight was as much as 3700 g.

According to Uwe Schellenberger, this is not the first time in his practice that twins are not born simultaneously.“But the difference of 97 days is, of course, a record both for us and for the entire world medicine,” the doctor said

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