The woman got pregnant while pregnant. The rare twins were born

Rebecca Roberts, 39, and her husband, Reese Weaver, 43, from Trowbridge in the south of England, learned about the imminent addition to the family in February 2020. The pregnancy test showed the coveted figure 3+. The couple was happy! No wonder, because for a long time, they tried to conceive a child and even turned to doctors for help.

“Neither I nor Reese had twins in the family. Our twins were most likely the result of my taking an ovulation-inducing drug. It worked so well that I got pregnant again while pregnant!” says Rebecca. The surprise was waiting for everyone at the screening at 12 weeks: Rebecca is pregnant with twins.

“The second child had a heartbeat, but for some reason, he looked smaller than the first. I was immediately sent for a consultation to a specialist to understand the reasons. I remember how I came home and got on the Internet for answers. I can say that it was the worst decision. I then cried and cried,” recalls Rebecca.

However, happiness did not last long. The longer the term became, the more Rebecca’s anxiety for the children’s health grew. One kid kicked weaker than the other, and although the woman convinced herself that this was normal because the children were of different ages, she was still worried.

She managed to carry the twins until 34 weeks pregnant. Rather, the son is up to 33 weeks, and the daughter is up to 30 weeks (+6 days). They were born on September 17, 2020, by cesarean section 2 minutes apart. Noah – 1 850 gr., Rosalie – 1 220 gr.

“By the end of pregnancy, the daughter almost did not grow, her umbilical cord did not function normally, so the doctors insisted on a CS. Rosalie, however, looked extremely premature. The smallest diapers were too big for her. To be honest, we thought that she would not survive, so we did not even write about the birth of children on social networks, ”recalls Rebecca.

The day after the birth, the babies had to be separated: Noah was left in the intensive care unit, and Rosalie was transferred to the children’s hospital. Doctors were worried not only about the small weight. They also wanted to rule out other genetic diseases and pathologies. When Noah was 3 weeks old, he was released from the hospital.

Rosalie spent a total of 95 days in intensive care and returned home a few days before Christmas. When asked if her sister will catch up with her brother in height and weight in the future, Rebecca replies: “Rosalie is a girl, and Noah is a boy, so she will never be the same size as him. And the rest of the daughter will definitely make up for lost time. Now I feel like we have to tell our story to the whole world.”

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