The woman is 43 years old, but nobody believes that: How she looks

The woman from Taiwan shocked her followers with her age. The woman is fond of fashion and actively blogs on Instagram, where she publishes pictures in which she looks like a 20-year-old girl. In fact, a resident of Taiwan is already 43 years old. She assures that everything is due to cosmetic procedures and a healthy lifestyle, but after learning how other members of her family look like, this can be seriously doubted.

A resident of Taiwan named Lure Shu will celebrate her 44th birthday in October. For several years in a row, the interior designer has been enjoying considerable popularity on social networks, thanks to the fact that she can boast of the appearance of a 20-year-old girl. This is how, for example, Lure looks in one of the last pictures that she posted on Instagram.

Lure supports the image of a young girl with a skillful choice of youth clothes and accessories, and sometimes she does it so well that a 43-year-old designer can easily be confused with a 17-year-old schoolgirl. Like, for example, in this photo.

And judging by this picture, which Lure posted in early August, she has almost no wrinkles. Unless, of course, it’s not about skillfully selected light and Photoshop skills.

Lure explains his surprisingly youthful appearance, in which at first glance it certainly could not have done without magic. According to the designer, her skin looks so good because she moisturizes it regularly, according to Mail Online. In addition, before every exit to the street, she uses sunscreen, which protects her skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Shu also regularly takes vitamin B and collagen.

Lure’s youthful appearance is also provided by a slender figure. A resident of Taiwan manages to keep fit thanks to the diet – she tries not to eat sugar and fatty foods. Lure is also a vegetarian and eats a lot of fruits and vegetables.

But do not think that it’s all about proper nutrition and skin care. Judging by the photographs of Lure in the company of her mother and sister, which she published a year ago, all women in the family retain eternal youth.

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