The woman made her newborn daughter’s eyebrows and became the topic of discussion: She got the biggest lesson ever

Danielle McSherry-Shea is 27 years old and lives in Fife. On September 9, the girl had her first child – a girl named Isabella. There is nothing surprising in the fact that now Daniel spends almost all his time with his daughter.

The girl sits at home all day and enjoys makeup, and on her Facebook page, she shares photos of little Isabella with friends and family. On one of those days, while the baby was sleeping, her mother came up with a strange idea.

The fact is that the baby has blond hair and so far has practically no eyebrows. And this, as Danielle admitted to the Daily Mail, made the woman think.

Isabella has very blonde hair and, in fact, no eyebrows. And I always wondered how she would look with them.

The woman was sorting out her makeup products, and her daughter lay quietly in her crib. And then a “wave of inspiration” washed over Daniel.

I used my brow shadows and sketched in a symmetrical shape, slightly similar to my own.

At the sight of the result, the mother could not help laughing and woke up the baby, so I had to urgently take a photo and erase the traces of my creativity. The resulting photo exceeded all of Danielle’s expectations.

My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing. I want to keep this picture forever, I would even put it on her 18th birthday cake.

The girl decided to share the picture with other loved ones, so she posted it on her Facebook.

In the text of the post, Danielle joked: This will teach her not to fall asleep at parties.

The photo instantly went viral. Many social media users were amused by the little fashionista with stylish eyebrows and the important life lesson that her comedian mother taught her.

But there were also those for whom a newborn girl with makeup is alarming.

Some people said it was child abuse. It even made me feel like I did something wrong.

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