The woman sent a photo of their daughter together to her ex-boyfriend. Three days later, he replied to her. What she read and saw made her burst into laughter.

One evening, logged into a social network and unexpectedly saw the last name “Myroniuk” among her mutual acquaintances, which belonged to. She thought, “Why not send him a photo of their daughter so he knows there’s such a beautiful girl growing up somewhere?” She visited his profile, but there were no photos of him, and his information was limited to living in, his school graduation, and a few classmates. It turned out he lived not far from their location.

quickly edited her own location to a different city, far from Kharkiv, just in case he decided to visit. She took the chance and sent him a photo of, adding, “This is your daughter, but you’ll see her only in this photo.” She sent the message and forgot about it.

A few days later, she checked her profile and noticed that he had replied. What she read and saw made her burst into laughter. Firstly, his profile picture was of a completely unfamiliar man who was thirty-five years old. He was actually quite pleasant looking. Secondly, he asked how they managed to create such a perfect being as their daughter, even though they were strangers.

immediately wrote a thousand apologies, explaining that it was a mix-up due to her ex-boyfriend having the same last name. However, their names also matched, and she hadn’t realized that father was twenty-seven years older. She, by the way, changed her location back to her real one because some friends had asked why they didn’t know she moved so far.

They continued to correspond, which lasted for a month. asked about her life and her daughter, which made her happy. He said that was a beautiful girl, a spitting image of her mother. Then, suggested meeting up if she was open to it. agreed, with the condition that they would stay at a hotel with her daughter. agreed to the terms.

Tanya already knew that had been divorced for two years, and his ex-wife had moved to with a new partner, with no shared children. He worked for a company, although she wasn’t interested in the details. Their correspondence always brought a smile to her face. was witty, and she could sense he was an intelligent man. They finally met in person, and it went well. introduced as her father, which surprised since she hadn’t coached her daughter to do so. The little girl blushed like a tomato and then said, “I’m sorry; I didn’t think she’d react this way to you. Don’t mind her. We can leave.”

“, don’t be embarrassed. I’m delighted, and it’s wonderful that your daughter already accepts me. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” picked up the joyful and hugged her. She started kissing him on both cheeks, and he chuckled, holding her close.

“I didn’t expect this,. I didn’t think I’d ever be this happy. A miracle happened in my life.” And that’s when they decided to tie the knot. It was a small wedding, just family and close friends.

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